8 items: Hose Crimper Machine | a comprehensive understanding of the working principle for operation and maintenance.

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Crimping machine or crimper. It is a kind of hydraulic equipment used for buckling pipe assembly, which exerts contraction force on the matching metal joint through the mold of the hose crimper.
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Hose crimper machine outline

  • Overview of hose crimper machine.
  • Classification of hose crimper.
  • Working principle of hydraulic hose crimper.
  • Installation and debugging of the crimping machine.
  • 6 key operating steps.
  • One case–Analysis of the main points of the crimping hose case.
  • Matters needing attention of hose press.
  • Maintenance.
hose crimper machine

manual crimping machine

Hose crimper machine or crimping machine. It is a kind of hydraulic equipment used for buckling pipe assembly, which exerts contraction force on the matching metal joint through the mold of the buckling press, and firmly buckles the metal joint on the high-pressure oil pipe for the matching construction machinery or the brake pipe, oil pipe, air-conditioning pipe and power pipe on the automobile.
The hose crimping machine is suitable for the buckling of all kinds of mechanical high and low-pressure tubing, pipe, water pipe, cable joint, automobile air conditioning pipe, automobile power steering pipe, oil pipe, gasoline supply pipe, as well as building accessories and daily hot water pipes. it is widely used in vehicles, construction machinery, hydraulic machinery, welding and cutting equipment, and other industries.


By function:

  • Hydraulic high-pressure crimper machine.
  • Brake crimping machine.
  • Air conditioning hose crimper.
  • Power crimper machine and so on.

According to the mechanical structure:

  • Straight cylinder
  • Double column
  • Open type
  • C type

By control mode:

  • Electromechanical
  • PLC
  • Numerical control

Among them, the electromechanical hose crimper is widely used, and its advantages and technical performance are as follows (5 advantages):

  1. The operation principle of double hydraulic circuit is adopted, that is, the advance and retreat of the piston and the opening and contraction movement of the die depend on the power generated by the hydraulic power source. It not only moves smoothly and returns quickly, but also does not occur like the spring return, so that the mold can not be opened and locked.And the cylinder locking system is designed to run through the front and back, so it is easy to buckle and press all kinds of special-shaped elbows.
  2. The hydraulic system consists of a motor, an oil pump, a solenoid valve, a pressure regulating valve and a hydraulic valve, which is composed of a double hydraulic circuit with advance and retreat movement, and a fast drain valve oil circuit is added in the double hydraulic circuit to achieve a faster return to position, and the speed is adjustable, the noise and system pressure are reduced.
  3. In the aspect of electrical control system, the control circuit is suitable for PLC circuit, which is easy to inspect and repair, convenient to maintain and easy to replace.
  4. The buckle die and die base adopt the processing technology without accumulative error to ensure that the buckle lines of the products are evenly spaced and there is no phenomenon of big or small head.
  5. In order to ensure the permanent mechanical precision and service life of the machine, not only the high-quality alloy steel material is selected, but also the unique heat treatment process is adopted in the locking mechanism assembly. Therefore, the longer service life of the press is closely related to the rationality of material selection, heat treatment, machining technology, and structure.
hose assembly 4

hose assembly

Working principle of hose crimper machine

The oil pump is installed in the oil tank and soaked in the hydraulic oil to achieve the design purpose of scientific heat dissipation and silence. driven by the motor, the oil pump outputs hydraulic oil to promote the movement of the plunger in the buckle cylinder, causing the die base to shrink radially and realize the extrusion of the rubber hose joint jacket by the die.
When the shrinkage reaches the predetermined value of the micrometer, the extrusion stops automatically, after the electromagnetic reversing valve reverses, the plunger in the cylinder moves in the reverse direction, the mold is opened, and the rubber hose is buckled.

Installation and commissioning of crimping machine

Handling: the pipe press is suitable to be transported by forklift, and the bottom of the pipe press is subjected to force, and the pipe press is strictly forbidden to be inverted.
It is strictly forbidden to lift the head of the pressure pipe and the parts of the motor and electrical box.
Installation: the pipe press should be placed horizontally on a solid foundation and grounded.
Oil injection: open the fuel tank lid and add 68# wear hydraulic oil to the oil level meter 2/3 position.
Power connection: connect the power cord to the power supply specified by the pipe press, start the motor to observe and turn, and the direction of the motor should be consistent with the direction marked by the motor.
If the steering of the motor is not consistent with the marked direction, please change the position of two of the power cords.
Micrometer: used to adjust the amount of contraction of buckle hose, more than half a week counterclockwise into 1mm, less pressure into 1mm half a week clockwise.
Pressure adjustment: the maximum pressure of the pipe press system is 31.5Mpa, which is adjusted by the relief valve, the clockwise adjustment pressure increases, and the counterclockwise adjustment pressure decreases (it has been adjusted when it leaves the factory and can be adjusted by itself if necessary).
Mold opening speed adjustment: mold opening speed, controlled by the shunt valve, clockwise adjustment, faster opening speed, counterclockwise adjustment, opening speed slows down, but too fast opening speed will increase the noise, the best value is not greater than 10Mpa (the factory has been adjusted, if necessary can be adjusted by itself).

Buckle operation (6 key steps)

  1. When the pipe press is used for the first time, it should be buckled for 20 times without load for 30 times, and all parts should be observed to be normal before it can be used.
  2. Pipe press in winter use should be no-load buckle 20 times 30 times, in order to increase the oil temperature.
  3. Press the open button, after the mold base is opened, choose the corresponding mold to install on the mold base according to the specification of the rubber hose, and adjust the micrometer scale.
  4. Place the rubber hose with the joint in a proper position in the head of the pipe press so that the whole length is pressed at one time.
  5. Press the buckle button to perform the buckle operation until the pipe press head stops buckling and automatically opening the mold.
  6. Take out the buckled hose assembly and check the outer diameter of the pressed joint with Vernier caliper. If it does not conform to the parameter table, fine-adjust the micrometer scale until the next hose meets the requirements.

Summary of the main points of the case of hose assembly

Operands: crimp 19mm four-layer steel wire hose (shoton4sp standard).

Query requirements: From the hydraulic tubing buckling parameter table, it is found that the outer diameter of 19mm four-layer steel wire rubber hose joint is 37mm before buckling and 33.5mm after buckling, the inner diameter of the die should be checked 33mm, and the corresponding micrometer scale is 3.

Action: Install the 33mm mold on the mold base, rotate the micrometer scale to 3 places, peel the hose and assemble it with the joint. After buckling, the outer diameter of the joint jacket is measured, that is, the 33.5mm value of the buckling parameter table, then the buckling is completed.

If the outer diameter does not match after buckling, fine-adjust the micrometer and press down a rubber hose. When buckling the hose joint, the buckle size is too much, the rubber layer in the hose is broken, resulting in oil leakage; the buckle size is too small, resulting in oil leakage and being washed out by oil pressure. Be sure to master the reasonable buckling degree, according to the shrinkage of the inner hole of the joint core, the national standard joint is compressed with small 0.1~0.4mm, and the ordinary joint is compressed with small 0.1~2mm.

Because the manufacturers of rubber hose and joint jacket are different, such as GB standard used in most rubber hose factories in the north, 602 standards in the south, SAE standard abroad, the specific size and material of rubber hose and joint in different factories may be different, so the data of buckling parameter table is for reference only, the specific withholding size should be based on pressure test.

Matters needing attention of hose crimper

  1. When pressing, place the joint in the center of the mold as far as possible, not on the hexagonal nut.
  2. Prevent tools and other foreign objects from entering the pipe press head.
  3. Each time after the work is finished, the eight mold bases must be opened to the maximum extent so that the spring can be maintained in the open state, and the oil cylinder is also in the pressure relief state to prolong the life of the oil seal.

Maintenance of hose crimper

  1. The hydraulic oil in the tank should be replaced when the hydraulic oil exceeds the aging prescribed by the hydraulic oil manufacturer, or the visual oil level meter must be replaced if the hydraulic oil has been oxidized and blackened.
  2. Anti-wear lubricating oil is often injected into the moving surface of the mold base.
  3. During the working hours of the non-pressing machine, please cover the dustproof cover to prevent sundries from entering the mold base.
hose and fittings 1

hose and fittings assembly

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