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Y-Series Crimping Machines

Hose hydraulic assembly solution lines that cannot withstand the high pressure for which they are designed can cause serious damage, resulting in high costs – often higher than the price of a test bench. By testing the quality of your crimped hoses, you option for safety.


It is designed for heavy duty crimping and it is especially suitable for manufacturing large hydraulic and industrial hoses assembly.


Easy operate and affordable crimping in service operations. anywhere easily, it is ideal for extreme working condition, like mines or tropical sites.


2800kN crimping force heavy-duty design. Best choice of quantity production, and very suitable for mid-range hydraulic and industrial hoses.


Suitable for 4-layer 1-inch, 1/4-inch hose, and 2-inch industrial hose. Quality same as Y120 type, so you can choose one of the two.


Best for field service. It is simple in contruction, work in the places where electric or compressed air are not available.


Powered with a 12V-24V battery, providing 1750kN crimping force, it is better for service vehicles in various industries.

Hose Cutting & Skiving Machines

Crimper can supply the Individual Cutting Machine, the Individual Skiving Machine, and Integrated Cutting & Skiving Machine, they can be meet the demands of medium-sized hydraulic repair workshops or stores.


It is a pneumatic full-automatic model, voltage can be customized, the cutting range is 6-80mm.


Automatic hose skiving machine is fast, neat and nice. Skive range is 6~80mm. The voltage customized.

Associated Equipments

By the specialized dies ( Size and Shape), the crimping machine also can be used for all kinds of steel (aluminous, cupreous, or galvanized) tubes/pipes.
Especially, the steel tubes of greenhouse galvanized tubes and scaffolds in the construction industry.


The hose testing benches are used to test the pressure resistance of hydraulic hose assemblies, which is a key procedure to ensure product quality and reliability.


SHOTON Q200 hose cleaning machine is an auxiliary machine used with fluid transmission hose producers in order to clean hydraulic hoses.

hose and assembly services

If you need to purchase hoses separately or machining assemblies, we can also provide professional services in this area.
In China, we have outsourced reliable hose processing plants that provide different kinds of hydraulic hoses and assembly services.

Hydraulic Hose Family

Steel Wire Hose is mainly intended for diverse applications in the fields of forestry, agriculture, construction and others. It is integrated with a bend radius capability which allows an intuitive mounting and routing. This also enables a longer hose life in various curving applications and bent tube fitting needs.

Hose and Fittings Partners

In the application of assembly, the safety and matching of fittings or adapters are very important. In the face of a wide variety of fittings products, and want to reduce the cost of purchasing time, choose us. We can help you find the right manufacturers and products, to ensure your delivery is safety.

Hose Assembly Service

This is one of our high value-added businesses. If you directly need the purchase hose assembly, we can also guarantee timely delivery. Provide assembly services in different application areas, such as brake system, workshop equipment operation, mine application, etc. You don't have to worry about quality either.

Advanced Material

Through our many years of technical experience and access, we are also able to offer advanced polymer materials and corresponding solutions that guarantee excellent performance even under the most difficult conditions. For more information, please contact us.

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