Hydraulic Assembly Service

All hose hydraulic assembly service solution services are clear at a glance. Here, you can more intuitively understand the production and application of our products.

Real factory display and product overview

Hydraulic Equipment Manufacturer

Here, you can quickly learn about our factory and our product line: Hose crimper, Skiving machine, Cutting machine and other products.ISO, CE and other certifications, with more than 20 technology patents. We firmly believe that the delivery of products is only the beginning of our cooperation. 

1/8" to 2" hose cutting machine

Economic Type

This hose cutting machine is suit for your production shop. Cut hydraulic hoses in a fast, precise manner.

Hydraulic Hose AIO Cutter & Skiver

Testing Video

Speed regulator for easier and comfortable skiving/cutting. A moderate price is equivalent to buying two sets of equipment.

Hydraulic hose

Hose Assembly Service

Although we are a hydraulic hose crimper manufacturer, we have a lot reliable partner in hose and fittings. One stop service for you.

Y type crimper Machine

Medium Type

This type hose crimper is high-efficient and move easily to anywhere, it is also very safe operating. And top grade in the market.

Hose cleaning machine

Testing Before Delivery

All types of hose and tube assemblies that need to be cleaned for both inside and outside. The Q200 is right for your choice.

Hose Skiver

Test hose skiving

Speed regulator for easier and comfortable skiving. This is a right choice for your hose assembly and work production.

Y32S Prepare delivery

Top Sale

Simple in construction, easy to operate,and high-reliable. Can work even in places where electricity and compressed are not available.

Y32V hydraulic crimping machine

Top Sale

This crimping machine is a portable type, simply designed and convenient for operating and carrying.  12V/24V battery.  More suitable for the electric-less power.

Y51S crimper machine

Top Sale

Mainly used for crimping processing for high pressure hydraulic hose assembly in the mechanical engineering. 

Y51V Hose crimping machine

Top Sale

12V repair service crimping hose machine. Better choice for a small scale operation.

Y80 hydraulic hose crimping machine

Top Sale

This crimping machine has equipped with computer numerical control system, fast crimp and good quality.

Y120 Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine

Top Sale

It makes the mould base division to be more even through the double inclined plane eight-flap mould seat equipped with a high accuracy guiding device.

Y160 hydraulic crimping machine


 Y160 crimiping machine hydraulic hose 2 is equipped with computer numerical control operation panel. It makes crimping more accurate, faster and simpler.

Y360 hydrauilc hose crimping machine


Y360 hose crimper 8 inches is leading in terms of speed, precision, reliability and durability. Suitable for high strength pressure hydraulic hoses and industrial hoses.



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