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Shoton offers customers’ a broad range of Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machines, cutting machines, skiving machines, and testing bench for the hydraulic pipelines. 

We also offer advanced materials related to the hydraulic transmission sector. These advanced materials are capable of maintaining excellent performance under the most demanding conditions.

Y-Series Crimping Machines

Safety is one of the most important standards of the hose assembly. Safety is the first choice for this new kind of product design. Choose the right safety here.

YJK-series Hose Crimper Machines

Compared with the Y series, this kind of product has better cost-effective. Mainly used in workshops, mobile vans, series production, and so on.

Auto Hose Cutting Machines

Featured with safety, low energy consumption, durability, and low maintenance cost, users enjoy almost no scale and very little smoke performance.

Hose Skiving Machines For Workshop

The hose skiving machine is mainly used for skive the inner and outer rubber layer of the hydraulic hose. Good security, high speed, neat, high degree of automation. Customized Voltage.

Testing Beach for Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

The hose test bench is used for reliable ecological testing of finished work pieces, which is also one of the standards that need to be tested before the product leaves the factory.

Hydraulic Hose Assembly OEM Family

An auxiliary device in the hydraulic system. Make hydraulic power transmission or transport water, gas, oil, and other high-pressure media to ensure liquid circulation and transfer liquid energy.

Why Choose Us

Over the 10+ years, we serve many customers from different industries, such as mining, forestry, transportation, machinery manufacturing, accumulated a wealth of experience and cases.

Expert Engineers

We have a team of 62 technicians and 5 advanced engineers.

Experience Skills

Rich experience from mining, oil, forestry, transportation to machinery production.

Guarantee Service

Approved by CE/ISO/TUV certification. All products have 3 years warranty.

Trusted Work

The 10-year professional foreign trade team always understand your needs and solve the worries of purchasing.

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Our Customers Say

I have been engaged in this industry for 12 years and have delt with many suppliers in China, different from others, Shoton is really help me to solve the problems step by step. Their foreign trade team really let me rest assured. Saved me a lot of time. We'll always work together.
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Howard Chavez​
As a distributor, the resource integration ability of suppliers is very important to me. Every time I need to purchase a variety of products, including fittings, hoses, and various types of equipment. Shoton has many partners in China, which helps me a lot, their recommended factories are also very reliable.
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Lucas Elliot

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