White paper: rubber hose quality report, covering four major defects and marking of hose.

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In the application of hose assembly, we will encounter all kinds of trouble. We have summed up all kinds of defects and problems related to hose according to years of service experience in the industry. I am ensure this will reduce the loss caused by downtime.
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hose quality report: Four Grades Of Hose Defects & Description Of Corresponding Marks


1) The Key Defect

This kind of defect affects the quality of the product, makes it impossible to use, and brings risks to users. Products with such defects should be rejected.


2) The Major Defect

This kind of defect affects the quality of the product, significantly reduces its utility, or seriously affects the product. Show that the product should be reprocessed.


3) The Secondary Defect

Does not affect the quality of the product or the correct use of the product, it usually affects the display of the product. The product needs to be observed and, if appropriate, accepted under concession conditions.


4) Qualified Products But Still Have Some Defects

Check the results found that this quality of the hose can be applied.
Moreover, it meets the relevant certification standards and factory inspection standards.
This quality belongs to one of the properties of the hose itself.
So it’s a qualified product.

Six Common Defects Of Rubber Hoses We Have To Know (With Photoes)

If we can timely understand the six common defects of the hose, it will help us to quickly find out the causes of the problems in the practical application of the hydraulic assembly, and quickly take response measures to avoid unnecessary cost losses.
Especially in the process of cooperation with suppliers, be able to inform these quality considerations in advance, which is conducive to timely delivery.
The following are several major hose defects (matching drawings and marking defect grade marks) that we have found in the course of our work.

Hose deformation

hose quality report

Hose Bend & Twist


Hose Scratches


Hose Indentation Depression

hose indentation depression

Hose Ink & Stain

hose ink stain

Hose Rust


The above are the six common defects in the actual production and application of hoses.
Therefore, when choosing hoses or suppliers, please pay attention to avoid these problems, at the same time, before the delivery of the order, you should explain these problems in advance to avoid unnecessary losses.
If you want to know how to avoid these losses in terms of process design, please see how Shoton works.

Next, let’s explore the defects of other aspects of the hose.

Another Common Defects Of The Hose

  • The surface is not smooth and there are other indentation. 
  • Blister, sand hole or stripe.
  • Striped mark
  • An indentation on the note
  • A smooth banded area on the cloth hose.
hose another identation 1
hose another identation 2
hose another identation 3

A Defect In The Letter Of The Hose

  • A large segment of the letter is missing
  • A small part of the letter is missing
  • A small part of the note is missing  
  • The content of the note is intermittent
  • The note is seriously twisted
  • The note is slightly twisted
  • Ink stains and scratches
  • The note faded and changed color
  • A slight ink stain
  • Other flaws in notes, folds, intermittent deformations, etc.
hose note loss 1
hose note loss 2

Other problems found in daily management of hose

  • Rust on the package
  • Residual water in pipe
  • Mild oil pollution
  • The letter film has not been removed
  • Strip deformation
  • Font text distortion on a note
  • The color of blue tube is uneven
  • The surface of the outer glue is not smooth and has impurities
hose another quality problem 1
hose another quality problem 2
hose another quality problem 3

The most serious of all the above defects are indentation depression on the tube body and discoloration of the letter. So if you have this trouble with your application, choose our crimping machine and we ensure can help you.

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