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T3000 hydraulic hose test bench, mainly used in field of hydraulic hose, automobile flexible hose, Air conditioning pipes, and all other pipes, valves that need to be testing activity of pressure test, blasting by water pressure and impulse.

T3000 workshop test bench allows for the efficient and safe final inspection and testing of hose lines. It is fully enclosed test chamber, hood with gas springs and transparent safety pane, easy and safe to operate, it will become part of your routine procedures.





Test pressure250-3000bar(300Mpa)
Driving pressure0-0.8Mpa
Range of air pressure measurement0-1Mpa
Air inlet connector½NPT
Bursting test pressurePmax=300Mpa
Pressure outlet connector3-¼BSP
Max. hoses per test3hoses
Air inlet≤7bar
Effective capacity50L


The hose testing benches are used to test the pressure resistance of hydraulic hose assemblies, which is a key procedure to ensure product quality and reliability.

Utilizing German technology, the hose testing bench is driven by a gas driving hydraulic pump, therefore, it has no need for electricity. It is easy to operate, and generates very little noise. It quickly increases pressure levels, and the test liquid can be reused.

1. All of pressure-bearing parts are have adopted the high quality standard parts from famous brands,no welding, high safety factor, long use time and easy disassembly and maintenance and repair.

2. The max.output pressure can be adjusted and under controlled

3. The completely closed test environment and the high strength protective plate to ensure the safety.

4. The viewing window to observe the status of testing, the material of viewing window is the high-duty reinforced glass.

5. 3 pieces hoses can be tested synchronously, the seat of testing valve can be rust-proof.

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