Manual Crimper

Y32S manual crimper machine is simple in construction, easy to operate, and highly reliable. It can work even in places where electricity or compressed air are not available. The ergonomic design, efficient pump and high crimping force makes it ideal crimper for field service.

The crimp force of SHOTON Y32S manual crimping machine for the hydraulic hose is 1750KN, with a crimping range of 3~61mm and 8 sets of standard dies. SHOTON Y32S crimpers are widely used for crimping high-pressure fuel pipes, industrial hoses, hydraulic hoses, and water hoses, and automobile airbags.


Max. inner diameter


Crimper Parameter

Crimp head materialFORGE STEEL
Crimp range3-61mm
Hose size1¼", 4SP
Passing diameter90mm
Opening diameter90mm
System pressure31.5Mpa
Crimp force1750kN
Standard dies8 sets
L x W x H550*280*550mm

Specification of dies

Crimp range15-25mm18-28mm20-30mm23-33mm26-36mm29-39mm37-47mm46-56mm


1) Hose Manual crimper machine

Manual crimping machines are small in size and easy to move. There is no need for power supply and thus few environmental constraints. It can provide convenience for outdoor mobile mechanical maintenance.

2) Material

The oil cylinder cover, oil tank and piston rod are made of 40 chromium, which is high pressure resistant with great impact absorbing capacity and improves the durability of the oil tank and piston rod.

3) Hydraulic conduction system

With the pipeless valve block connection, the hydraulic conduction system is oil tight and durable with little heat and stable pressure conduction.

4) Die connection

Our crimping dies are connected through magnetism, which makes it convenient for assembly and disassembly, and the crimping is neat.

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