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Hydraulic hoses are also an important part of the assembly. As the production of rubber hose involves carbon black, steel wire, formula and so on, it is difficult to judge in terms of quality selection. When choosing hose partners, we should pay attention to the use of raw materials and formulations. This is a good criterion for judgment.

The SHOTON hydraulic hose series is used in hydraulic systems and equipment in many industrial sectors, including construction, mining, agriculture, drilling and forestry.
Shoton hydraulic has more than 60 hose product series that can provide reliable solutions for almost any hydraulic application.

Our Hydraulic Hoses


Hoses Description

General Hydraulics(Tradition)

A wide range of hydraulic hoses designed for a variety of applications.
General-purpose hose series products, most of which are used in medium and low pressure environment.
All general-purpose hoses meet the relevant international standards, and the pressure value will decrease with the increase of pore diameter.

Application orientation

In the practical application field, sometimes specially designed hose products are needed to meet some special or extreme requirements. In response to these situations, SHOTON also provides a series of hose products, which we have developed for many years according to specific application tasks. For example, in extreme temperature, high pressure, mining or drilling applications, or in some emergency environments, SHOTON is specifically designed to provide safe, efficient and durable products and services for these applications.


In extreme circumstances, traditional hoses cannot be used, so SHOTON designed this series of hose products, which not only meet international standards, but also have better performance and longer life than standard hoses. Specifically, they have the following performance advantages:

  • Temperature resistance.
  • Wear resistance.
  • Performance of flame retardant protective coating.
  • Pressure resistance.
  • Ozone and weather resistance.
  • Flexible, compact and lightweight.

The pressure rating decreases as the aperture increases.

Extreme (Isobaric)

The design of this kind of hose is not easy to make mistakes in the selection.
In the design of hydraulic system, designers can make decisions based on performance rather than hose structure when selecting components. Because the rated pressure of this kind of hose has nothing to do with the pore size. Absolutely, it is equally sturdy and durable.


Hydraulic system is widely used in various industries, so it will encounter a variety of different operating environments.
Therefore, hoses and assemblies must be strong and reliable, from the construction site to the production line, safe and efficient, even under extreme conditions.
We can integrate a large number of hoses, accessories, and quick connection solutions.
The product covers most international standards (SAE, DIN, ISO, EN, etc.) to achieve compatibility between OEM and after-sales maintenance operations.

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