Hose Cleaning

Hydraulic Hose Cleaning Machine Strength As Follow:

  • Cleaning head, special design
  • Cleaning and air drying function
  • Anti-corrosion, anti-rust, effectively clean the inner wall of the hose

Q200 is made for cleaning flexible hoses. Cleaning is carried out by means of a spray gun for introducing a specific solvent into the hose. The detergent action of the solvent combines with the pressure that develops inside the component to eliminate any deposits possibly accumulated therein.




Max. input air pressure7-8bar
Max. flow100 L/min
Adjustable parameterInput air pressure; Spray gun flow
Cleaning agentPure water+5% anti-rust additive
Max. working rangeHose of 64mm diameter
Depth of cleaning sink16cm
Capacity of water tank200 L


The SHOTON Q200 hose cleaning machine is an auxiliary machine used with fluid transmission hose producers in order to clean hydraulic hoses. The hose cleaning machine is featured by high safety, easy to operation and no pollution.

The components of the hose cleaning machine are high-end products from our nominated suppliers. The stability of machine is guaranteed and the maintenance cost is low.


Q200 hydraulic hose cleaning machine, mainly used in field of hydraulic hose, automobile flexible hose, Air conditioning pipes, and all types of hose and tube assemblies that need to be cleaned for both inside and outside.  

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