Fittings and quick couplings, as an important part of the hose assembly, we can provide a variety of specifications to protect your assembly applications.
You can download our catalogue or send us an inquiry, and we also provide customized services in some special hydraulic applications.

SHOTON hydraulic fittings have a wide variety, a wide range of applications and complete functions.
We also have thousands of reference materials, fittings products can meet most common international standards and the special requirements of some OEM customers.

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This is the core of the SHOTON accessories series. This series of products, with multiple assembly methods, are used in different professional fields. Therefore, inventory can be reduced because rings are usually suitable for many different terminal types.In addition, in order to avoid using the wrong combination of ferrules, the one-piece installation series is becoming more and more popular with assemblers and is an ideal choice for OEM and the aftermarket.

The distortion of the hose may be the cause of the premature failure of the hose assembly.
We provide a solution for directly connecting hoses and ports.
The dependence on adapters is eliminated, thus minimizing the number of potential disclosure points.
This is OEM SMART.

The main advantages are as follows:

  • Do not increase the length of the hose.
  • It is convenient to troubleshoot hose faults.
  • Fast installation speed and long service life.
  • Reduce maintenance time and workload.
  • Is the first choice for complex configurations in restricted spaces.


F.SHOTON is a product provided by SHOTON for fast coupling applications.
The series consists of more than 1000 references, accessories and spare parts.
The entire product line is made of environmentally friendly Cr3+ (trivalent chromium) surface coating with excellent corrosion resistance, far exceeding the requirements of ISO 4520 (salt fog resistance: 240hrs for white corrosion, 400hrs for red corrosion).
Achieve leak-free performance, suitable for a variety of applications, and ensure full interchangeability with other fast-connected products on the market.


Each product is uniquely designed in accordance with our high specifications to ensure reliable performance in any application field.In fact, based on the unique hydrodynamic design, QUICK COUPLINGS provide the lowest pressure drop profile on the market. It is an ideal choice for high efficiency and safety.

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