Mining Hose–an ideal choice for above-ground & underground mining operations

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In the field of cost-effective mining operations, the reliability and safety of machinery and vehicles are very important. As a flexible structure for the safe transportation of gases, liquids and solids, hoses must also meet the same requirements.
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The mining hose application is special, Rock cutters and cylindrical cutters, drilling rigs, excavators, wheel loaders, and other equipment weighing hundreds of tons are transported day and night to mining areas in extremely harsh conditions, causing violent vibrations and harsh noises in the mines. In order to ensure that the mining area operates in a cost-effective manner, machinery and vehicles must meet the two key requirements of reliability and safety, so as to ensure that there is no failure on site.

The hose must also meet the same requirements.

As a multi-functional component, the SHOTON hose has reliable performance and can be used as a flexible structural connector for conveying gas, liquid, and solid materials. SHOTON fluid Technology has developed high-performance hose and hose assemblies for important mining applications (above ground and underground) to address these challenges in a comprehensive manner.

The products in this field have reliable performance and good quality.

SHOTON uses advanced large electronic control machines to produce rubber hoses. We have established a comprehensive quality assurance system in accordance with the DIN EN ISO 9001: 2000 standard, through which we track each production stage. “

Practical mining hose is widely used.

A variety of elastomers are specially designed and developed according to specific conditions and uses to ensure that the hose is safe, reliable, and durable under the worst operating conditions. The unique design and structure of the elastomer material ensure that the hose is extremely firm and flexible and can maintain excellent elasticity under the extreme pressure conditions that exist every day in the mining area.

A wide range of product portfolios

The use of smooth black non-porous lining and synthetic line strengthening material can reliably transport compressed air and process water. This high-quality hose is flexible and strong, and its smooth, high elastic and self-extinguishing outer coating meets the requirements of Article 10 of the Coal Mining regulations (BVOSt) and is certified by the German National Mining Commission (Loba). It is an ideal choice for underground operations. The safety factor of the Shoton rubber hose is as high as 3 and its performance is reliable.

It can be used to transport process water, aqueous solution, and compressed air. The rubber hose adopts chemical-resistant black lining and wear-resistant and weather-resistant outer coating, and its service life is very long. Designed for conveying and pumping mud, concrete, cement, and bulk materials, durable.

Shoton hose is an ideal solution for loading operation after underground blasting drilling.

The hose we made is used to carry concrete and is made of an extremely strong weather-resistant coating, reinforced materials with excellent tear and rupture resistance, and a smooth lining with excellent weather resistance. it is an ideal choice for concrete pumps and high-density material pumps. The hose can be selected from different flange systems with excellent quality and high flexibility.

Specially designed for mining applications, suitable for underground working environment.

The utility model has the advantages of firm texture and reliable performance and is used to transport water and other liquids under long-term high-pressure conditions. It is an ideal choice under high heat and flammable conditions. This high-pressure hose is specially designed for hydraulic applications requiring better high-pressure resistance and fire resistance. This type of hose is reliable and durable, can ensure the continuous operation of the safety system, and is a wise choice in key application fields. At the same time, it can be applied to offshore facilities.

Manufactured according to customer specifications

We manufacture large diameter rubber hose with a larger inner diameter of 1200 mm, which can fully meet the specifications of our customers. A large-size rubber hose is made of high-quality rubber material, which can reliably transport industrial water, oil, fuel, compressed air, chemicals, mud, concrete, cement, and bulk materials under long-term pressure conditions, benefiting the majority of users. In addition, a special process can be used to manufacture large hoses of almost any length, with a high working pressure of 40 bar and an inner diameter ranging from 50 to 200 mm.

“The traditional hose is equipped with bulky connectors, making it difficult to carry in the course of daily use. Our large-size hose does not need to be equipped with connectors. “

Obvious advantages.

SHOTON brand rubber hose is durable, extremely reliable, and easy to use, which can create high practical benefit and work safety level. Therefore, the price is by no means a decisive factor when choosing hose and fitting systems. We must be clear that “the total cost of ownership method must take into account the cyclical costs that may arise from the replacement and disposal of materials or premature wear and tear.”

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