Manual Crimper Machine | Detailed explanation and delivery test of Y32S

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Y32S is simple in construction,easy to operate, and highly reliable. It can work even in places where electricity or compressed air are not available. The ergonomic design,efficient pump and high crimping force makes it ideal crimper for field service.
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Main Features

the manual crimper machine Features

1) Using a forge steel machine head, this kind of steel is more durable than general steel.

2) Simple controls and operation.

3) Small body, simply designed, convenient for operating and carrying.

4) Suitable for outdoor work without electric power.

5) Magnetic dies (Patented), very convenient to remove and install dies.

manual crimper machine
Y32S Manual Crimper

Y32S Manual Crimper Machine Parameter

ModelF16HP Crimper Machine
Hose sizeUp to 1”
Crimping range0.39”-1.77”/10mm-45mm
Max opening+20mm
Crimping force955KN
CertificationCE ISO9001:2015
Operation modeManual
PowerHand pump
Machine headForged Steel
Dimension(L*W*H) mm320*350*290
Dies Sets6
Length of Dies39/64mm

What is the product application?

hose crimper machine application

Details Showcase

dies and mold base

Machine Head

Attribute: Forge Steel

Original: Germany Technology

The front cover, cylinder, and piston use Chrome40 forging integrity, increasing its fatigue resistance. The surface hardness is HRC26-30°, hardness of inside layer is HRC59-63°, Eht 2mm.

machine head

Dies & Mold Base

Attribute: Strong Magnetic Connection

Original: SHOTON(Patented)
Use Cr12 standard die steel which is a classical alloy tool steel, domestic implementation standard is GB/T 1299-2000. Dies and die base is connected by cutting-the-edge technology of strong magnetic connection, for which our company holds the patent.

YJK 16 piston hydraulic hoses crimper 3

Machine Body

Attribute: Anti-Rust Spray
Original: American Material
Machine surface is processed by Anti-Rust Spray, compared with traditional painting, it is more environmentally friendly, has a good appearance, strong adhesion, mechanical strength, high capability of anti-wear and anti-rust.

package & Delivery

package wood case

Machine Packing

Size: 700*560*630mm
Weight: 175kg
Package Details: The normal package for our crimping machine is Wooden Plywood Crate. The outside package is a standard export wooden case, and the inner package is a stretch film or packaged according to customers’ special requests. anti-rust.

delivery 1

Machine Delivery

  • The normal models of crimping machines are in stock, they can be delivered once the payment is finished. As for the customized ones, we promise that they can be deliverd within a week after we received the payment.
  • Transportation, the first choice is shipping, air or land is also avaliable if customers have special request.

If you have any trouble with your hydraulic hose assembly, please leave your message below or send our inquiry about this hose crimper tools

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